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This can take many forms in the classroomlow-stakes multiple-choice formative assessment, group discussion, open-ended essay prompts, etc. Jan 23, 2018 This very powerful strategy is quite easily applied to the classroom.
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  • Many students begin by using the same techniques that worked for them at school, such as revisiting material and making notes.
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    Constructivism calls upon each student to build knowledge through experience such that knowledge can't simply be transferred from the teacher to student.

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    Concrete, Abstract, Random, Sequential.

  • Here are a couple of ways that we can use elaboration as a study strategy.
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    This can take many forms in the classroomlow-stakes.

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  • The fifth video in our Six Strategies for Effective Learning series.
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    In the third condition, problems were presented in a traditional abstract format.

  • The first exercise combines images with text.
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    What is concrete examples learning strategy Concrete examples is a researched and proven student learning strategy that occurs when you link abstract concepts to concrete representations or specific examples.

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    Concrete (and sidewalks) can be easily seen and touched.