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Gluten was such a big help. SIBO appears to be real and generally occurs in patients with altered gut motility or structural abnormalities (in scleroderma or post GI surgery for example).
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  • I was constantly constipated and bloated with anxiety.
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    Until very recently, I have never even heared about the condition, even though I have been living with IBS-D since 7.

  • My symptoms are so odd yet miserable.
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  • Also nobody really argued or gave any facts.
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    You don't need much to reach the blood for its effects.

  • With lower oxalates, these symptoms disappeared.
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    I'd say I got like 15 better but am still responding negatively because it isn't a diet tailored for SIBO specifically.

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    Also, the clinical trials based on Sirtris research have been stopped due to strong side effects.